Breeding philosophy

We are in the beginning phase of visualizing our dream. To have a small but exclusive kennel, breeding Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. We imagine to get puppies twice a year at the most, to ensure that our puppies gets the best start in life that we deem possible. Faithful parents and strong socialization of the little new “world citizens”.

Liane’s Harrison

In our earlier years we bred German Shepherds. That would be a long time ago, but we learned that it pays off to use high quality breeding animals, it was a big satisfaction to coach the animals, most of all to see the happy puppies all grown up and living well.

Afterwords we lived almost 20 years with 1-2 German Shepheards – we startet a company, had 35 employees until the end of 2008. Unfortunately my foot got an injury and we had to give up on the German Shepheards that require a lot of coaching, training and exercise in general, we a damaged foot it did not work anymore.

But we could not do without dogs entirely, so we fell in love with the beautifull Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. This small loveable race of dogs impressed us, we never imagined that a dog could have this much personality, be this clever and at the same time adapt so well, one day you lay on the couch and naturally the dog lays there with you, the next you go for a 5km walk in the forest and the dog loves it either way.

Unfortunately we were a bit unlucky with our first purchase. So once again we established that quality breeding gives quality puppies. In our search for new dogs we met some serious breeders in both Denmark, Germany and Norway. We purchased 3 dogs, these became the beginning of our breeding. Fortunately all these dogs passed all healthcare tests – and every single dog we choose for our breeding passes all requirement for the race – including syringomyelia.

Beside the point of using high quality animals for breeding, we naturally feed the dogs with quality dog food – customized for every dog.

In other words: we do everything possible to breed some of the healthiest Cavaliers in Denmark.